Chris Fothergill

Software Engineer


I have several years’ experience writing iOS Apps in Objective C and using common frameworks such as UIKit, Core Data, Core Graphics, and Core Animation. I am currently learning Swift by updating an old project. I also have experience with commonly used third party libraries and package managers such as Cocoapods and Carthage.


I have worked on a couple of Android Apps over the last few years. I have experience with Material Design and the Android Support Libraries.


I have worked extensively with PHP and have a good knowledge of the Symfony Components as well as a thorough understanding of Laravel. I have recently been using Node JS as a backend-language and have been experimenting with isomorphic JS. I also have a good understanding of GraphQL and Relay, and have recently been looking into Micro Services Architecture and using Docker.


I have experience with build processes using Gulp, JSPM and more recently Webpack. I have used SASS and more recently been using cssnext and PostCSS. I have used Babel in all my projects to date and have a really good understanding of ES2015, ES2016 and various features currently in proposal.

I have worked with jQuery and have recently been using React in various projects, including several from the ecosystem including React Router and Redux.